easter socks

(words from hose. founder Rebecca Cluett)

My family has always had the tradition of giving socks to each other at Easter. Easter socks are as normal to us as Easter eggs. You may be thinking socks at Easter is very random however, there is a story behind my family's unique gift:


When my mother was little she would receive a new outfit for Easter. My Grandmother was a very talented dressmaker and pattern cutter. She created incredible clothes for a very low cost. Always seeking out remnants and keeping pieces of fabric to be used in her next masterpiece. However, shoes and socks were a huge financial outlay. It was important to her that the family looked its best at church during Holy Week. They went to church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but only had one new pair of socks with their outfits. The deal was they could wear the outfit on Good Friday, with old socks, to avoid tainting the new ones. Then on Easter Sunday wear the new outfit and socks together! Easter and Christmas were the only time my mother and her siblings recieved new socks at the same time.

The family tradition lives on!

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